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Team Forces of Nature will be taking on The Inside Passage. In May 2022, our 8-man team will navigate, for up to 90 days, a 1,200-mile tidal route along the US and Canadian Pacific North West coast, through one of the world’s most spectacularly beautiful archipelagos.
As the location has changed, so does the structure of the team. This will be an unsupported adventure. The crew members that would have been the support team on the Amazon, will now join the rest of the team in kayaks. As we won’t have the luxury of two motorised support vessels, all food, water and spare equipment will have to be sent ahead of the team by ship to strategic resupply points along the route. The tidal factor will certainly bring complications into the planning and day to day routine of the adventure, our navigation will also have to be on point as there are several substantial tidal rips through the archipelago and around large headlands. Although the wildlife is not nearly as extreme as in the Amazon basin, there are a number of predators that are cause for concern. The team are all in agreement however, that we would rather take our chances with a Grizzly bear than a desperate pirate.
The original plan of Kayaking the Amazon River had to be change due to the risk factors in South America. Having watched the pandemic spread and tighten its grip on the world over the past 18 months, there is now a renewed sense of optimism and excitement as Team Forces of Nature plan our future, focusing our minds and training for the passage. I hope you can join this extraordinary team in our enthusiasm for this new adventure and have your continued support, which I can assure you, each team member is immensely grateful for!

Raised offline so far £116,000

With special thanks to the truly incredible military charities that have sponsored the individual veterans on our team

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